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Solid Groundwork

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Introduction to Solid Groundwork

Introduction to Solid Groundwork

If you are here, it is likely you are looking to set up systems to grow your business in a consistent way.

You may be experiencing problems, either because the business climate around you has changed or because there are things which need to be addressed within the business or both.

Or you may have reached a stage where you want to grow your business and you know you need operations manuals to be able to delegate effectively.

Most business owners coming to us looking for help in documenting their procedures believe they just need to start documenting and are looking for the tools to get this done fast.

So, the reasons behind this first step we ask you to go through are not understood.


In the 30 or so years Brian has been involved with businesses wanting to grow through the franchise model and the years I have been involved with simplifying and documenting systems in many different fields, including business, we have come to realise the first step must always be to check the business to ensure:

There is a clear purpose

So many business owners and franchisors have an entrepreneurial spirit which is great because it drives their enterprise forward. However, this trait is also attracted to new opportunities, some which work and others which don’t.

If you want to grow your business, it is essential first to know which bit is the bit you are going to focus on to drive that growth.

There is a clear structure

There needs to be a clear departmental structure your team and the outside world easily understand.

The structure supports the sectors and teams bringing in the money

This structure must also clearly focus on the money-making sales and delivery areas and provide the support needed to get the job done and bring in the money.

We call the teams, departments, sectors, etc. housing the money-making sales and/or delivery areas you are going to duplicate or build to scale your business your business growth pods.

Some businesses or franchises have such a structure in place and the process is just a check to make sure they are good to go.

Others find they need to do a fair deal of work to clarify and simplify their business and put in new automated or people driven processes before they become efficient enough to scale in this way.

But, once you have this level of clarity, it will be easier to move to the next stage where you start to document your processes.

Step 1 in our process gives you a process to work out how you are going to structure your business so you can scale effectively.

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How can I create business systems that actually work?

Many business owners come to us, overwhelmed with the idea of trying to develop systems. They are already working long hours, juggling staffing issues and trying to make a profit.

The Systems2Grow Systems Success Path

The Systems 2 Grow Systems Success Path Program is delivered in three Parts which cover 12 Steps

Solid Groundwork

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Successful Systems

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Savvy Staff

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